PENABUR Banda Competition III

Join us in our annual PENABUR Banda Competition. This year, due to the pandemic, the events will be held online. Here are the rules for PBC III competitions. Please prepare participant's statement letter from school or photo of student ID, and click here to register.

Bergabunglah dalam kegiatan tahunan PENABUR Banda Competition. Tahun ini, dalam kondisi pandemi, seluruh kegiatan akan diselenggarakan secara daring. Berikut ini adalah peraturan dari lomba-lomba PBC III. Untuk mendaftar, mohon menyiapkan surat keterangan dari sekolah atau foto kartu pelajar, dan silakan klik tautan ini.

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PENABUR Banda Students Houses

We have four houses in PENABUR Banda Secondary: Vipera, Panthera, Orca and Aquila.

We have activities for students called house events. From each house event, we calculate points for each house. The cumulative result is shown on the graph below.

House Events - September 2020

Congratulations to:

  • James Hartanto, Gregory, Jannice Doreen, Hansen, Trevi for winning the Valorant competition

  • Jimmy Shin for winning the competition

  • Brenda and Audrey for winning the Lexulous competition

in our September House Event.

House Events - December 2020

Congratulations to the winners

  • Lexulous: Vipera

  • Mobile Legend: Vipera

  • Brawl Star: Panthera

  • Valorant: Panthera

  • Tiktok Challenge: Orca

Students Podcast

To continuously foster our student’s creativity and public speaking skills, we have created a school podcast. We discuss a range of topics within the podcasts, including education, mental health, food, friendship, and films.

You can listen to our students' podcast on YouTube and Spotify.